TLN Panel – Private Candidate Grades

Following the last announcement regarding the cancellation of exams, we wrote a detailed response to the outcome of the Ofqual consultation for assessing of students for GCSE and a level exams (or in the case of 2021 the lack thereof). On the 15th of March the JCQ (joint council for qualifications) released further guidance for assessment of private candidates and the Department of Education announced that a grant would be available to assist with the cost of assessing private candidates under strict circumstances.

To read the full document from the JCQ please click here, and a copy of the announcement from the Department of Education may be read here.

TLN Panel

On the 12th of March, we ran the first of our TLN monthly live Panels where we discussed how we, as private tutors, are intending to support students based on the information that is currently available. The full recording of the panel is embedded below.

A special thanks to our panel members for giving up a Friday evening (and arriving with tea & presentations!).

Panel Members:

Holly Billinghurst – TeachAllAboutIt & Tutors Learning Network

Claire Rose – Rose Education Consultancy

Jemma Smith – Education Hotel

Additional Updates Since the TLN Panel

Exam centres have now received guidance regarding assessment of their students and our advice to all private candidates is to contact your exam centre directly.

In our panel, we talked about the potential costs of assessment and for GCSE & A Level (this excludes iGCSE), a maximum fee to parents has now been set by the DfE above which the exam centre will no longer be eligible for funding.

Not all tutors will currently have been made aware of exam centre’s processes – if you are a tutor wishing to provide assessed evidence for one of your students, we urge you to make contact with your student’s exam centre as soon as possible. There is no guaruntee that evidence will be accepted, but please refer to the JQC guidance linked at the top of this post.

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