TLN Awards 2021

Entries are open to all until 9am on the 30th November when all entries will be passed over to our panel of judges. Are you ready to celebrate tuition and alternative education with us?

Welcome to the TLN 2021 Awards!

It's been one heck of a year and this December 15th we will be celebrating all that's fantasic about tuition and most importantly, the people that work in it.

Unlike other awards which rely on popularity or votes, we have opened our awards to anyone who wishes to put themselves or others forward. Your application will be initially assessed by our TLN AI which has been developed specifically to work out the best award category for you and then passed to our panel of judges to decide on our final winners (2nd law of robotics).

So many things have happened as part of TLN this year including our fortnightly TLN meetings where we've created a UK wide staff room for tutors, Online CPD for both live and recorded courses, and our incredibly popular  Slow Networking which pairs you with another member for a whole month where you help each other to work on your goals and build strong connections with other tutors & education specialists. However, you don't need to have been involved in any of these to be involved in our awards.

How Do The TLN Awards Work?

Entries are restricted to just one form for all aspects of tuition. You'll be asked to answer a set of questions that helps us to identify the best category for you and then a more detailed panel will choose each winner.

The TLN awards are entirely free to enter and our awards evening will be streamed live into our Facebook Group on the evening of 15th December with everyone welcome to attend either through the Zoom link or by watching the stream.

This year, our award categories will be:

TLN Growth Award

The Growth Award

This tutor may have started small, but they’ve adapted, changed, and made it work!

TLN Ideas Champion

The Ideas Champion

The tutor who is always there with new concepts and keeps others on their toes & motivated

TLN Developer of People

The Developer of People

This tutor embodies everything we stand for – they support colleagues and their students


TLN Goal Setter

The Goal Setter

For the tutor who identified what they wanted and went out there to get it!

TLN Networker

The Networker

You know this tutor because they’re present! Meetings just wouldn’t be the same without them.

TLN Course Creator

The Course Creator

They have a lot of knowledge and they know how to share it whether it’s with students or tutors!

TLN Resource Creator

The Resource Creator

This tutor knows that tuition isn’t just about them. They’ve made content that makes a difference!

TLN Tutor of The Year

TLN Tutor of The Year

This tutor has been recognised by students and colleagues as an example of best practice – this person is a true professional tutor and every entry is put forward for this award automatically.


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