Lockdown Lessons

In order to support students learning at home, the independent tutors associated with the Tutors Learning Network have grouped together to provide parents & schools with a timetable of live lessons run by professional tutors.

Book Lessons

To book a lesson, select the lesson you wish to join in the timetable below & click the title. This will take you to our booking screen.

We will be combining our live lessons with our Ask A Tutor Project where our tutors are offering free help to parents and students in a set of free videos.

This Week (Monday 1st Feb)

Are you in receipt of free school meals? Please get in touch to request a free place on our classes.*

* free places are limited and not guarunteed until confirmed in writing by email.






Next Week (Monday 8th Feb)






Why fewer lessons? Over week 1 & 2, schools have been doing an astounding job at offering online learning. As such, we have found ourselves in the difficult position of cancelling a number of lessons due to low numbers. We have taken the decision that is it far better to offer fewer lessons that will go ahead rather than a range that may be cancelled.

Looking to book ahead? Our weekly timetable is planned up to the February half term (with further lessons under review to coincide with the current lockdown announcements). Lessons for the following week are published on a Monday. Please bear with us!


Who runs these lessons?

Whilst the lessons are hosted & organised by the Tutors Learning Network, each lesson is designed and run by an independent private tutor who is a specialist is their area. Tutors are members of the Tutors Learning Network where we support private tutors in upholding the high standards of the profession as part of their company.

If you’d like to make direct contact with any of our tutor members, we hold a tutor directory that allows parents to make contact with our tutors at no cost.

Who are the lessons available to?

Lessons can be booked directly by parents or through schools / education establishments on behalf of their students. Where a school wishes to book a group of students, please get in touch with us at hello@tutorsnetwork.org for reduced group rates and confirmation of our Safer Recruitment policies.

How do I join a Lesson?

Shortly after booking, you will recieve an email containing your unique joining link & password to the classes that you have booked. If you would prefer that this link is sent directly to your child or you are purchasing a class on behalf of someone else, please add their email address into the “attendee” details at checkout (this is particularly useful when booking classes for more than one child).

To join a lesson, you must have a registered Zoom account (a free account is fine). This is part of our safety policy to ensure that we are aware of who is attending classes.

If you have any issues joining the lesson, please contact us at hello@tutorsnetwork.org

What safety precautions are in place?

Each tutor who runs a lesson will have provided the Tutors Learning Network with a copy of their DBS certificate in line with Safer Recruiting policy. Lessons are also supported by a second person who is primarily there to provide technical support to both students & the tutor during the lesson.

Although students will see their tutor, students do not have their camera or microphone on during the lesson. All questions are sent to the tutor through a dedicated question panel (students are absolutely encouraged to interact and ask questions throughout the lesson!).

Can I contact the tutor after the lesson?

If you wish to contact a particular tutor to enquire about their tuition or arrange further 1-2-1 lessons with them, we hold a tutor listings page detailing the availability of our members which includes a free contact service.

Why aren’t lessons free?

These lessons are run by independent private tutors and are not funded by government grants or schools. As small businesses, we have set a minimal fee that ensures the tutors running the classes are provided with an income whilst keeping the direct cost to parents to a minimum.

What profit does the Tutors Network make from lessons?

As a business network, our income does not come from offering tuition directly, and as such the only costs taken by us are the running costs of the platform and admin of organising lessons.