Data Protection – The Legislation


In the context of this course, you as the tutor would be the data controller with your students and parents subjects. In fact, any individuals but she saved data about would be classified as your data subjects and you must ensure that you abide by the data protection rules in all cases.

We would strongly recommend that any tutor registers with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) As soon as they begin to hold any form of personal data – this includes, but is not limited to email addresses, telephone numbers, or any form of academic report.

Sensitive Data for Tutors

At times tutors may be required to record data under some of these special categories or sensitive personal data. This may include details about a student’s racial or ethnic origin, their religious beliefs, or may include safeguarding reports when a student or parent discloses a safeguarding concern to us. In these circumstances, additional care is required to ensure that our students are not discriminated against due to the data that we hold.

In the cases where we hold safeguarding, criminal or academic dishonestly information, despite being a private tutor we still have a duty of care to pass this information on to the relevant authorities.

Where to Get Help


Your first port of call should be your local education authority who willprovide you with contact details of their local social services offices.

Data Breaches

Where a data breach occurs, you must report this to the ICO as soon as it is discovered, and within 24 hours.